Strategic Point Partners

Who We Are

Strategic Point Partners, LLC is a specialty consulting business providing a variety of corporate advisory services for public and privately held companies with a specific emphasis on the metals and mining industry, on a global level. 

Some of our corporate advisory services include detailed supply chain due dilligence in regards to R&D, legislative affairs, infrastructure needs, strategic capital introductions, subsidiary creations, M&A consulting, and media campaigns.

We also enjoy collaborating with different Venture Capital and Private Equity ecosystems throughout the world, and like to meet talented individuals who can add value in different sectors outside of metals and mining, but we find our strengths to be in developing value in the metals and mining industries.


We have provided critical economic and geopolitical intelligence to leaders in the metals and mining industry that has contributed to legislation, significant capital investments, themes for experts to publish work on, and content for public relations firms to create marketing campaigns.

We are not investment advisors, or participate in investment advisory activities. However, we do collect and compile data, that from time to time an investment advisor may engage our services to make an investment decision.

Nor are we lobbyists, or work for a regulatory or legislative body, but from time to time we may interact with a lobbyist, regulator, or legislator, who may engage our services while making their own decisions. 

We are very humbled to have this level of trust and the ability to participate in making positive changes in our world in this capacity.

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